Michelle Mismas, All Lacquered Up
Michelle Mismas is the editor of All Lacquered Up, the web's first nail focused beauty blog. An accountant by day and a nail polish fanatic by night, All Lacquered Up is Michelle's outlet to share her intense love of color and all things nails. R
egular features include nail trends, nail lacquer collection reviews and industry insider interviews. With a readership of over 60,000 visitors a month, the site has grown to become the go-to resource for everything nail related. All Lacquered Up has been featured in Glamour Magazine (Sept 08), Nails Magazine, NAILPRO Magazine (July 08), the Cleveland Plain Dealer (July 07) and many well respected online magazines and websites.
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Jamie Allison Sanders, The Beauty of Life
Jamie Allison Sanders is a self-professed beauty junkie who, from a very young age, absolutely adored playing with her mom's makeup and getting huge makeup palettes from the drugstore for her birthday each year. She has a self-professed addiction to shimmery peach lipgloss and has over 200 sitting all over her apartment. Jamie founded The Beauty of Life in January 2007 and in that time it's grown from two readers -- her mom and best friend -- to over 20,000 a month. Her work has been featured in Allure, Harper's Bazaar and Glamour. In Jamie's "free" time, she is also the Associate Beauty Editor for Teen Scene Magazine, the Fashion & Beauty Editor for StyleBakery Teen and works full-time as the Senior Copywriter for a major fashion company.
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Lilan Duong, The Daily Cookie

Unlike some other beauty junkies who’ve loved makeup since childhood, Lilan didn’t realize her interest for all things Laura Mercier and budding love for Chanel Glossimers until after she joined the Macy’s cosmetics counters as a Tommy Hilfiger sales associate -- back when Tommy Hilfiger used to make color, anyway. That was 8 years ago and now that her addiction is full-blown, Lilan is dedicated to do nothing about it but share it with her readers at The Daily Cookie, a daily destination for all things beauty with a few morsels of food and travel mixed in! When she's not testing and blogging about beauty, Lilan enjoys cooking in or eating out with her boyfriend and spending time entertaining with friends in San Francisco.
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Jami Shopf, Bionic Beauty
Jamie founded Bionic Beauty in July 2007 when she realized she was emailing her friends and family daily with makeup and beauty tips. Now she shares her sample finds, beauty news, cosmetic product reviews, makeup tips and tricks with readers across the globe. A self-admitted beauty junkie, her favorite items to try are indie cosmetic brands, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and lip balms. She also has a weakness for eyeshadows, tinted moisturizers and lip color. Jami lives in Florida with her husband, three dogs, two birds and two Betta fish. Outside of blogging, her interests include growing orchids, staring at her lovely MacBook, spoiling her pets, designing web pages and being a general computer geek.
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Sara Rosenfield, BitByTheBeautyBug
Based in Boston, Sara is a beauty blogger who calls it like it is. Yes, she'll be the one to tell you if you're
 wearing too much blush or the wrong shade of foundation, and she would expect you to do the same! Known as The Beauty Bug to her readers, she's always in constant pursuit of the latest and greatest, life-changing beauty product, and will try anything once in the name of beauty. While she hasn't found that "it" product quite yet, she's enjoying the journey and the process. She founded BitByTheBeautyBug in 2006 using a simple, stock Wordpress theme while she was bored at work one day and little by little it has grown to where it is today.
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Nancy, Beauty411
Nancy has an extensive background in sales and cosmetics management. She is passionate about skincare and takes a special interest in high-tech skincare. Nancy founded Beauty411 in 2007 and is a member of the Beauty Blog Network and Total Beauty Network. She lives in the Midwest and loves shopping and exploring Chicago.
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